Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Recent Google Searches to my Blog--

"kidnapped by Tess Gallagher" -- geez, I hope that's the name of a poem and this isn't a news item I missed.

"stinker the poodle"
- people looking for the Dan Savage essay he read at the Paramount on This American Life, which was hilarious and ultimately "Stinker" wandered on stage. No, I don't have the full text.

"metaphoric stillbirth" -- no idea.

"what will people think of me?" of course, this was Google UK

"roar bongs" -- nice. have I even used the term "bong" on this site or "roar?"

"couplet firefighters"
- again, I hope they are looking for a poem.

"poets like Linda Bierds" - Ah, two meanings here-- Poets like LB (poetry fans) or poets who are actually like LB (wannabes maybe?)
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