Thursday, February 26, 2015

"Relax" by Ellen Bass (I adore this poem!) & a short review...

This is from Ellen's book Like a Beggar from Copper Canyon Press.

The entire book is fantastic. Here's a short review I did for Crab Creek Review:

I read Ellen Bass’s  Like a Beggar from start to finish moving easily between topics from anxiety, French chocolates, nakedness, and peaches. The book is beautiful in its thoughtfulness of life and explores the complexities mixing sorrow with humor, pain with praise. Well-crafted and conversational, Bass’ poems feel as they are not only speaking to you, but also putting their hand on your shoulder like a friend would do. These poems remind me how much I appreciate a strong narrative poem and a poet’s ability to return to the natural world as Bass does with lines and images such as “the orchard with its bony branches” and “the wind rubs its hands through the trees.” Truly an inspiring collection that I highly recommend.

~ Kells

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