How To Have a Love Affair With Poetry: A Short Guide To A Long-Term Relationship

How To Have a Love Affair With Poetry: 

     A Short Guide To A Long Term Relationship

It’s one thing to hold a newly-written poem in your hand and it’s another thing to have a long-term relationship with poetry.  Sometimes you may be confused with what poetry wants from you or maybe you’re not sure what you want from poetry.  The following guide will offer you some ideas to keep strengthening your relationship with poetry so she will stay in your life for a long time.

1)  Pay attention to poetry.  The easiest way to lose poetry is to forget about her.  If you find yourself getting caught up in work, chores, kids, or anything that takes away your “together time,” you may look up one day to find that poetry has left the building. Poetry doesn’t want to be forgotten.  She wants to be noticed and cared for.  She wants you to realize all she adds to your world.  To keep your relationship strong, always make sure to keep poetry a priority in your life.  

2)  Be spontaneous.  Poetry may become bored with another night of take-out Chinese and reruns of Big Bang Theory.  Poetry needs out of house.  Take poetry somewhere new.  She will get weary if you keep bringing her to the same old places and the variety will give you new memories and conversations together.  Poetry loves to dress up and go somewhere different, so don’t allow your relationship to become cliché. Surprise poetry with an unexpected rendezvous and see what happens.

3)  Treat her well.  Poetry loves it when you treat her well and you aren’t screwing around with improper grammar or incorrect punctuation.  She wants to know you have your act together and you understand what she needs.  Appreciate her form.  Poetry wants to know you respect her.

4)  Make her laugh or if you’re more of a comedian, show her your serious side.  Poetry wants to know you are complex.  She appreciates your seriousness, but wants to know you can let loose and see the humor in situations. However, if you’re always making jokes, maybe allow her to see more of your intellectual or contemplative side.

5)  Go deeper.  The longest relationships with poetry don’t just skim the surface. Poetry wants you to take your relationship to another level. She wants to know what your fears are, what your passionate about.  She wants you to be sincere and honest and not just say what you think she wants to her. Poetry knows that for your relationship to last you have to give part of yourself to her.  Yes, it can be difficult in an already busy world, but if you give her everything you have and trust her enough to share the most intimate parts of you, she will reward you and be there for you.  Poetry wants to know you’re dedicated.  Show her your devotion and she will never leave.

~ Kells

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