Confession Tuesday: & - Life Just Got Better Again...

Dear Reader,

I confess I still love writing letters and especially postcards.

There is something I love about sending notes out into the world.

Something that makes me sad is how we've filled our time with things we don't need to be doing and how we've forgotten of other ways we once spent our hours.

Like writing letters.
Or going for a walk.
Or looking at the moon.
Or driving to view with someone you love
     and sitting there
     and talking.

I confess I was feeling as I received too many emails so that any "down time" had to spent checking my emails so I could delete/archive them to "stay ahead."

This was how I thought.

A few weeks ago I went to  (I swear, they are not paying me to say this, I happened to find out about this while watching Katie Couric's episode on decluttering - a topic near & dear to my heart).

I signed up.  Now all my reoccurring emails, subscriptions, etc. end up in one tidy package, one tidy email.  My life is so much simpler.

I had always thought I received a TON of email.  No, I received a TON of reoccurring emails about nothing that I was afraid I'd miss.

Life is manageable again.

And I am back to watching clouds.
To being with someone without even thinking about my phone.
To being a person in the world.

Oh, and I learned you can put a PAUSE feature on your gmail-- I do that too: INBOX PAUSE

I swear, fill my life with read letters and let the email fall to side.


~ Kells

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  1. I missed that Couric show, so I'm glad you told us about I'm still into spring cleaning, so I'll head over there now and then learn how to do the gmail pause. Thanks!

  2. You know, letters are a lost art, its sad really.. I'd take a letter over IM anyday


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