Confession Tuesday: Collect Moments, Not Things

Dear Reader,

I confess I didn't confess yesterday because of the bombings at the Boston Marathon and I felt my confessing about the self-doubt I sometimes have as a poet and writer seemed minor.  (Um, it is.)

So I skipped yesterday's confession, but am here today with some confessions leaning towards life, living lives-- our lives, as writers, artists, and human beings.

To the Confessional--

I confess I am amazed how many times we live our lives with this belief there are unlimited days.

When tragedies like bombings at the Boston Marathon or the Sandy Hook shooting, they are reminders to me what a gift each day is and how we need to live our lives to the fullest.

Here are a few thoughts on our lives, already in progress:

Ignore the Kardashians.  No, ignore the media outlets that focus on the Kardashians as if your life wouldn't exist without knowing what they are doing in their lives. The Kardashians are living their lives. Ignore any media outlet that reports on celebrity lives as if it is news.  It's not.

Forget trying to live up someone else's values, goals, ideals.  You are not someone's project.  You are here to create and live your own life.

Ignore the thousands of companies who try to tell you you're not good enough, pretty enough, man enough, complete enough, then sell you their crap.

Ignore the new car, the remodeled kitchen, the new 14 karat gold lawn gnome your neighbor just bought and use your money to buy you experiences.

Go on a trip.  To a small town in your state where you've never been.  Or to Europe.  Just go somewhere.

The most valuable way to spend your money is to buy you more time.  Meaning:  work less, spend less, enjoy more.

Stretch outside your comfort zone.  Yes, it can feel weird at first, a little scary.  But once you do it, you won't look back.

Turn off your computer and go outside and sit in the sun.  Or the shade.  Or under a cloud.  Just get outside.  Now.

This is your life already in progress.  It's ticking away.  Don't let the culture around you try to prioritize or feed you your news, values, thoughts, beliefs, opinions, life.

Step away from your daily routine and live.


~ Kells

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