Big Poetry Giveaway Begins March 31, 2012: UPDATE! #poets

Dear Poets and Poetry Lovers with Blogs--

The Big Poetry Giveaway will begin March 31st.  

On that day or the day before, I'll have a blog post with all the instructions on what to do if you'd like to participate--

But basically if you're interested in participating in this, you'll create a blog post that announces the two poetry books you are giving away (one can be yours, but the other must be a favorite poetry book that isn't by you).

The contest will run from March 31- April 30, all through National Poetry Month.  People can go to your blog and leave a comment to enter them in your giveaway contest.

(NOTE:  I will take participants with blog links for the Big Poetry Giveaway through Tuesday, April 10th, so you have from March 31-April 10th to send me a link if you want to participate.  But again, next week I'll have more on that).

In your post, use the above Big Poetry Giveaway 2012 badge and say something about yourself, something we don't know about your book, your creative process, blogs you read, and/or your writing life.  This is a way for readers to learn about you and for you to meet new readers.


Kristin Berkey-Abbott had a great idea about maybe having a few links to your favorite poet bloggers on your giveaway post.  I think that's a great idea!

Celia Alvarez suggested a Facebook page and I agree, another great idea.  So here you go-- >
(you can go to the Facebook page and hit LIKE to stay connected...)

We'll see how the Facebook page can be best utilized, but I'll try to also keep it updated with everyone's blog links if I can.


The only other thing I want to mention right now is that if you participate in the Big Poetry Giveaway, then you have to be willing to mail the books to *anywhere* in the world.  This is an international poetry book giveaway.  Readers do not just have to live in the US.  And you can't charge them anything (this is a giveaway... not a pay-to-read contest.)

So if you'd like to participate, you need to give away 2 new books of poems (or very very very slightly used--so slightly we'd think it was new), keep your post up all through April (National Poetry Month) and be willing to choose a winner the first week of May and mail it to them no matter where they live.

If you're still confused on what is happening, go to this page with FAQ from last year's Big Poetry Giveaway.  Or drop me a note in the comment section.

And I'll refer to why this has become an annual National Poetry Month event--

Why do you do the Big Poetry Giveaway each year?

Because I want to introduce people to poets they may not have heard of.
Because I want more people to read poetry.
Because I love the idea of poetry books being mailed off to new readers.  
Because I like learning about new blogs and bloggers.
Because it's National Poetry Month and I want to bring more attention to poets and poetry.

Also, I'll add-- I think there's good karma in giving away books.

So there's the update, Friends.  If you haven't figured out what books you're giving away, start thinking about it.  It should be fun!

And if you want to see what a giveaway post looks like, here's mine from last year.