Big Poetry Giveaway 2012....Are you ready, Poets?

So for the last 2 years, I believe, I've been hosting the BIG POETRY GIVEAWAY--
basically, it's what it sounds like-- a big giveaway for poets or poetry lovers.

Here's the Deal:  

For National Poetry Month--
Bloggers give away 2 books of poems-- the first can be your own & the second book must be of another favorite poet of yours.  

The reason I have two books of poems is that I want to introduce people to your work as well as the work of YOUR favorite poet.  (I don't want this to be a big ego trip, but a sharing of poets with readers.)

But you ask, I don't have a book, can I participate?  YES!  You just give away 2 books of your favorite poets.

If you don't have a blog, you can be sponsored by another blogger.  For example, Rachel Contreni Flynn didn't have a blog, but had an excellent book of poems and I did a post for her.

The giveaway lasts all the way through April (National Poetry Month) and then the first (or 2nd) day of May you choose a winner.

So what do you think?  Does anyone want to participate this year?  I'm happy to host it again and will make a snazzy BIG POETRY GIVEAWAY badge for your blog.

One new thing I want to incorporate is linking each other up (I saw this on Collin Kelley's Friday the 13th Blog Hop, which was awesome by the way).  Will think more about this, but if you're interested, leave a quick comment.  I will definitely organize this again if we have some people who want to share poetry with others...

Here are the link from last year if you want to get full details.  And if you have any questions, leave me a note!



  1. Yes please! I'd love to do this again!

  2. Hi Kelli,
    Yep--I'd love to do this again.

  3. I am in, again. Hopefully I was able to spread some Ashbery- and Duffy-love around last year. :)

  4. I'm in! (And I'll be in next year as well when I can actually give away my own book). I even have a few ideas of what I want to give away this year!

  5. Excited to participate this year!

  6. Looking forward to participating this year!

  7. I'd be interested in participating again.

  8. I would certainly participate again! It was fun.

  9. I'd like to give it a go this year. No books of my own yet, but I'd love to share the wealth of great poets I've discovered.

  10. Yes, let's spread the poetry love!

  11. I am in again - always a good way to spread the words!

  12. Hi Kelly,
    Found your blog through Erika Dreifus' site--would love to participate. I've seen your poems here and there and admire them.

  13. I missed out last year & would love to join in again this year. :)


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