Big Poetry Giveaway 2012 - Coming to a Blog Near You!

Here's a preview of this year's badge...

So it looks as if we have enough interest in the Big Poetry Giveaway, so it will happen!

Here's the details and frequently asked questions from last year I'll be updating. I was thinking about making this a BlogHop, but am not exactly how this would work and when the person reaches the end, then what?  Still, I'll think about it (would love to hear any thoughts or ideas on it...)

So here's what you can be thinking about--

What book (besides your own) you'd like to give away and something you can say about yourself and either your creative process or your writing life.

I think this might be a nice introduction for folks when they come to your blog.

Near the end of March, I'll put something up for those who want to participate and how to proceed.

But for now, if you want to ask any questions, offer any ideas, please do.

Looking forward to some free poetry books!



  1. i don't know how this works but i'm looking forward to finding out :D.

    The badge is beautiful!

  2. Thanks, Liz!

    I forgot to put in the link with all the details from last year, but if you click on that, it might help you understand it more.

    Basically, it's poets/bloggers giving away 2 books of poems (one can be their own and another needs to be one they recommend.)

    hope that helps!


  3. Here's a possibility that gets some visibility for blogs along with giving away poetry books. When we post which two books we're giving away, we could also post a recommendation of a blog we visit several times a week. Maybe it's the blog of a poet, maybe it's a blog that inspires our poetry. We could say a few sentences about what it is about the blog that brings us back to it several times a week (as opposed to the blogs that we only visit occasionally).

    Doing this would give blogs some visibility and maybe help us discover a new one or two, without having to do too much linking, for the less tech savvy amonst us (but can you be less tech savvy and still blog? probably).

    Just a possibility, no pressure of course.

  4. I like Kristin's idea. Makes the blog walk a bit more meaningful, rather than a series of hit & enter plays.

  5. Love the new badge. How about a Facebook page this year? A place for all the participating blogs to post their offerings.

  6. Loved doing this last year and ordered my books this morning!


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