Thankful Thursday: Diane Lockward Reviews Fire On Her Tongue @dianelock

I'm so thankful to read this incredible and generous review by Diane Lockward on her blog, Blogolicious

Here's part of the Fire On Her Tongue: An eBook Anthology of Women's Poetry Review

This 460-page anthology includes over 70 women poets. Each poet is represented by 2-5 poems. Each poet's poems are preceded by a brief bio and a link to the poet's website. Acknowledgments follow each poet's poems. Given the way an ebook works, this arrangement makes good sense as it eliminates the need to scroll to the end of the book to find this information.

As might be expected, there is an enormous variety of poetry—formal, free verse, prose poems. The poets cover the US landscape from East Coast to West Coast. One characteristic the poets have in common is that they are all still living. 


This book is ideal for curling up in a comfortable chair but also makes a terrific traveling companion. In print such an anthology would most likely be priced around $30. But this ebook is available for a mere $7.99!  

***NOTE:  I just checked and it's on Kindle for $6.59

As I said, you can read the full review from Diane  on her blog, Blogolicious and check out today's post on what's the right time to submit a poem...  It's a good one!

Thank you, Diane!!



  1. It took me a while with all I have going on, but I did finish your other book, now on to a new one, looking forward to curling up with some great books since the winter finally showed its blistering face!

    Diane is wonderful, but so are you Kells!

    And I do not kiss @$$ :)


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