Hello Western Washington University!

I'm heading up to WWU today to talk with Brenda Miller's class about blogging!

Brenda (author of Listening Against the Stone & Season of the Body: Essays) has started her own blog here, Spa of the Mind.  You may want to check it out as her posts are small gems about the world around us and our walk through it.

Today in class we'll take a tour of Book of Kells, share how it developed, and the role of blogging in the writing life & the business of writing, along with a few other things.

I'll do a follow-up post to this one and let you know how the day went!

And HELLLLLLOOOOO Brenda's Class!



  1. Hello! I look forward to your visit. I have been poking around your blog for about an hour now, and can't wait to discuss it.
    Thanks for making the trip, and rescheduling after the storm.

  2. Thank you for coming in today :) As an introvert, I thoroughly enjoyed meandering through your blog as well as the comments you made in class.
    Also, it is indeed quite silly that men are "good dads" simply for holding a baby.



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