Fire On Her Tongue & @PublishGreen eBook Creation...

To be published in late Autumn 2011
I mentioned I spent all day Friday on this project with my co-editor, Annette, but we are done, well, at least our part.  Because this is a poetry collection and the first eBook Two Sylvias Press choose to publish, we decided to get some help from Publish Green.

We did our research and they were a bit more than other companies that help with ePubs & book formatting, but we were hugely impressed with their communication and how they have one person working with you to make sure your work is formatted.

The eBook formatting went past my comfort zone with poetry.  While we were the ones who ordered, edited it, cleaned it up and prepared it for publishing, we wanted Publish Green to double-check it and make sure our presentation would be correct when it was appeared in its final eBook format.  After reading the Smashwords formatting guidelines, I just didn't feel completely comfortable, especially as they use a system called "the meatgrinder" to move your book from document to eBook.

So, Publish Green it is. I know many of you are interested in eBook publishing, so I'll let you know the challenges we have as well as all that goes right.

The book looks incredible though.  We have about 70 women poets, each having their own "section" to showcase their poems.  The cover is about and I just love it.  I expect to learn a lot with this book and Annette and I definitely want to move forward with other projects in the future, so I'll be taking notes and learning.

If any of you have any experience with eBooks (the good and the bad) please feel free to share!

I'll post more about the book later, but I'm just so happy to have passed this project off into capable hands and now have a few weeks to think about my own work...Yes, I've started on manuscript 3.

Oh poetry, you surround me these days...


  1. When will this be for sale? I love the cover as well!

  2. Thank you for the kind words, Kelli! We are so glad that we have been able to meet your eBook publishing needs.

    Good luck with your current writing projects!

    Publish Green Staff


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