Confession Tuesday: Life is not a fairy tail (as that would be wrong & abusive to fairies)

Dear Readers,

It's been a change in weather since my last confession.  80 degrees.  We have not really had a summer this year in the Northwest.  Mostly overcast.  But with the new weather, we feel as if we've been handed a gift.  Sunshine.  Let the simple things in life always make us happy...

To the confessional--

I confess I have a new favorite hobby-- SUP Boarding or Longboarding (stand-up paddling on a surfboarding).  We have a local business that rents them for $10 an hour.  I was hooked on my first try. It's meditation on the water and yes, you feel as if you're walking on water.

Yesterday, I saw a flounder in the shallow part of the water, along with a kingfisher, bald eagle, osprey, blue heron and a zillion types of other seabirds.  It was afternoon and the moon was out.  I felt when I saw the blue heron fly towards the afternoon moon I was in a perfect world.  That is what it takes sometimes-- nature, a few minutes to notice, to be aware of the world around you.


On a completely different topic, I confess, I'm regretting my recent short haircut decision.

I know it's not unusual for me to cut off my hair in autumn for a quick, easier style so I can have less time getting ready in the morning and more time to write (I cut off 7") but I'm starting to think I don't have a cute-enough face for it anymore.  And these shorter haircuts walk a very thin line between stylish and mom-hair (I can say this because I am a mom).

I once heard a woman poet say to me after cutting off about 8"-10" of her long blonde hair for the cutest pixie ever-- "I think I lost my mojo."  And I get what she means.

Still, I am thankful that it takes me all of 5 minutes to do my hair and yes, as hair tends to do--it will grow back.


By the way, you may think the shorter hair looks better but my vain-self chose the best photo of me, plus it's summer, so my moon-colored skin is looking a little more golden, which helps my overall appearance.


I confess according to my Amazon sales numbers for my book, Letters From the Emily Dickinson Room, while it was not a surprise to see I've sold most copies in the Seattle area, it was a surprise to see Atlanta, Georgia as a consistent second.  Thank you, Georgia folks!

I confess I think spelling is important.  Especially people's names.  And in an age where our devices SPELLCHECK for us misspellings should be the exception and not the norm.

But then there's not knowing the right version of the word to use.  Like what if I wrote about "misspellings should be the acception and not the norm."  (By the way, acception isn't a word, though I'm betting it's been used before.)

And when we confuse one version of word for another, when we create special unique images for the ones who notice.  Like us.

So with that introduction, I give you this--

dear gawd!  Which fairy lost her tail?  Please give it back.

When I read the above, I see this:

           or this

But at least she didn't use this type of "ferry tail" -




  1. Fun! I do like your hair in the photo and your moonglow skin, but I sympathize.

  2. Cornwall is the place to go to do Body boarding and Surfing in England.
    The International Body boarding Championship took place on Chapel Porth beach last weekend.
    I like your hair I just had mine cut too.

  3. First time here and I love your hair cut. Mine fell out earlier this year due to an adverse reaction to some medication so I simply didn't have a choice to go short, lol. However I've never gotten so many comments on my hair until recently,(it's sort of a flipsy pixie look) makes me feel 10 years younger, so enjoy your shorter length like a breath of fresh air! You look great. BTW love reading your blog it's wonderful to stumble upon...

  4. Kelli, I offer you this hair-story:

    It's only hair. It grows. Enjoy the fun for a while!

  5. Love the chic bob, Kelli! Looks sassy, smart, and stylin. --Nancy P.


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