Confession Tuesday

Dear Reader--

It's been one week since I last confessed.  Really, what can I confess after I confessed I started a Facebook page?  There must be something... 

To the confessional--

Booty Calls:

I confess that recently Jeannine Hall Gailey emailed me to ask if I called her one day at 9:30 am.  I hadn't.  When I looked at my iPhone, I realized there was a whole list of people who had I hadn't called, but did (um, butt did).  Nice.

Yeah, I shouldn't keep my iPhone in my back pocket as it has a mind of its own.


The Middle Finger (not the power button):

I confess I cannot think of a time when I've had the urge to "flip off" the camera when someone is taking my photo (I confess I'm always surprised to see this especially when the person is a bride or groom).

I'm Vintage Butter--

I confess that above statement makes me feel old, old-fashioned, and not very edgy.  

Not just Slippers--

I confess I am not very edgy and am wearing $12 cozy slippers while typing this proving this.

Is there a 80's Radio on?

 I confess sometimes I hear the Chaka Khan song in my head for no reason.

Chaka Khan,Chaka Khan, Chaka Khan, Chaka Khan, Chaka Khan
let me rock you
Let me rock you, Chaka Khan
Let me rock you, that's all I wanna do

(And now it may be in your head too.)

Nerd Girl--

I confess that while I play a normal every day poet in real life (um, can poets really be "normal"), I am actually a nerd who spent my childhood collecting rocks and stamps.  Again, refer to the above confession that "I am not edgy,"

And I'll be honest, when I went to DC, I spent 4 hours in the Postal Museum & claimed it my favorite museum of all the Smithsonians.  I know, I played the violin from 5th -11th grade (always got an A in Dorkestra) and collected ceramic dachshunds as a child, so this should be expected, but...

Here's what you don't know, I confess I am really excited that the dog mascot of the United Postal Service ("Owney") gets his very own stamp on July 27th.  I know, none of you know this--  That is because none of you get updates and emails from the Postal Museum.  And I do.

Here's the link with the info.

And here's the stamp...

And you will see this stamp on my SASEs because, that's how I roll.  I love stamps and rocks and birds and the universe and coin collecting with my dad (though my dad is no longer here, the coins are).  And I look for grammatical errors in signs.

And I confess while I look as if I "fit in" -- I don't, I never have.   That's okay, too.  I heard a comic say yesterday that "Life is a pair of skinny jeans & we are one big arse who doesn't fit in."  But life isn't about fitting in, it's about belonging.  And if you think about it, there's a difference.  A huge difference.


P.S.  If any of you knew this Owney info and were actually looking forward to it (as I am), please leave me a note or email me.  We can be the sesame seeds on poppyseed bagel of life...


  1. I can't say I knew about Owney at all, much less that he is getting a stamp. But I love that you did!

    Much love from a fellow nerd,

  2. I can't believe how much wonderful stuff you can pack into one leetle confession post, Kelli. Your confession booth is a poetry machine:

    "I love stamps and rocks and birds and the universe and coin collecting with my dad (though my dad is no longer here, the coins are). And I look for grammatical errors in signs."

    And that's why so many of us love you as much as we do.

    And because you get updates from the US Postal Service.

    I can't wait to get my own sheet of Owney stamps!!

  3. Great list! By coincidence, I am reading a book with baseball player on the cover, flipping the bird!

  4. "But life isn't about fitting in, it's about belonging."


  5. Thanks everyone!

    And Kathleen, hilarious synchronicity. What book?

  6. Fifty-nine in '84: Old Hoss Radbourn, Barehanded Baseball & the Greatest Season a Pitcher Ever Had, by Edward Achorn. He was photographed twice flipping the bird in professional baseball photos that got out there in the world in the 1880s! The author was among those surprised to learn that the gesture was in use back then!

    And 59 is not some salacious code. It's the number of games he won that great season!

  7. My boys love Owney, and I confess that I took them to "see" him at the postal museum but was a tad skeeved that they stuffed him and put him behind glass there.

    But it is a TERRIFIC museum!

  8. Thanks, Kathleen!

    And Sally, it was SO bizarre that he is there stuffed, but we still talk about it! ;-)

    It is an incredible museum.


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