Thankful Thursday - Jeannine Hall Gailey & Her New Book, She Returns to the Floating World...

Some more good news happens-- Jeannine Hall Gailey's new book, She Returns to the Floating World releases tomorrow, July 1st!  But here's the good news, Amazon already has it in stock and it's only $10.20. 

Or you can pay $12 and give your money directly to her indie press, Kitsune Books

Either way, you win.  Plus, the book is 126 pages long.  Oh, how I love them big poetry books (I like big books and I cannot lie...)

Here's a description of Jeannine's book:

She Returns to the Floating World is a book about transformation that examines two recurring motifs in Japanese folk tales and popular culture: "the woman who disappears" and the "older sister/savior." Many of the poems are persona poems spoken by characters from animé and manga, mythology, and fairy tales, like the story of the kitsune, or fox-woman, whose relationships are followed throughout the book. Gailey's abiding interest in female heroes and tales of transformation, love, and loss bristles to life with a cast of characters including wives who become foxes, sisters who become birds, and robots with souls.


Anyhoo, you may have gathered from the tiara photo below (Jeannine calls this our "Poets Gone Wild" photo as there was champagne at this gathering) that Jeannine is one of my best poetry friends.  She is.  And she is not only is a kind, generous, and just all around supportive/loving friend, she's a fantastic writer with an incredible mind who also wears pink Ugg boots with skirts in the summer time.

I have been so excited for this poetry book to be in my hands as it has several of my favorite poems in it, "After Ten Years Together, We Sneak Off to Make Out in Someone's Closet," "The Taste of Rust in August," "Waiting in the OB/Gyn's Office for the Results of a Biopsy," "In Phoenix, Heat Makes Us Chase Egrets," and this one, "Advice Given to Me Before My Wedding" (published in Rattle).

What I love about Jeannine's work is how it mixes pop-culture with myth, legend with real life, and it does so effortlessly.

Here's a wonderful review Kristin Berkey-Abbott did of Jeannine's book if you want to read more about it.

I am so excited for Jeannine and all the things ahead of her.  She is an amazing poet, person, and I am so happy for her success with this collection.  And I'm even more thankful she's my good friend.

Cheers to Jeannine!

Kelli & Jeannine


  1. You've sold me! I want me a csigned copy! :)

  2. Thanks Kelli! You're my poetry superheroine, you Foreward-Award-winning poet, you!

  3. I just ordered my copy yesterday.

  4. I got my copy in the mail earlier this week! Been a bit busy -- but it will be read this weekend!

  5. Just read the "Wedding" poem, and love it. I'm buying the book right now. Can't wait to read more.


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