Thankful Thursday - Deborah Ager @32Poems & Creator of the #Poetparty

Kelli & Deb

This week after partaking in the weekly poetry talk on Twitter (#poetparty at 6 pm PST Sunday nights ), I thought about how thankful I was to Deborah Ager (poet & founder of 32 Poems) for starting it.

This week we talked about getting new ideas and inspiration, a favorite topic of mine.

While the conversation can occasionally be hard to follow, it's worth the effort.  Deb will ask questions marked with Q1, Q2 & poets tweet back answers under A1, etc.

What I like about this talk is that you "meet" new poets in the world.

Anyone can join in and all are welcome.  The poets are always kind and the time goes by so fast.

Anyway, after a good talk on Sunday, I'm feeling thankful that this exists every Sunday.

If you want to join in (or even just watch the conversation happen), this Sunday night at 6 pm PST (9 pm EST), go to & in the search box type in #poetparty   -- You'll see the conversation unfold, and if you want to be part of it, just type your response plus the hashtag #poetparty  -- don't forget #poetparty  otherwise it's as if you're speaking outside the room to your shadow.

By the way, in case you didn't know, Deb is not just an editor but the author of the poetry collection, Midnight Voices.

Follow Deb at Twitter here  @32poems
And visit her blog here.