Want Free Poetry Books Mailed to Your House?!

Well friends, we have done it.  Our first year to try this and we found 51 generous people to celebrate National Poetry Month by giving away free books.

Here is the final list of all 51! poet/bloggers/poetry lovers participating in the poetry book giveaway this year.

Please feel free to go to their websites to enter into their drawings for free poetry books, they are all linked below.

Happy National Poetry Month!


  1. Hi Kelli --

    I can't believe I posted my participation in the giveaway and then never notified you. My very sincere apologies. I'm actually participating both on my blog and on the Poemeleon blog:



    If it's not too late I would love to be added to the list!

    All the best, and thanks so much for coordinating this. It was a fantastic idea.


    (I just emailed you as well...)

  2. Thanks for putting this giveaway together, Kelli. All the best, and Happy Poetry Month! :)


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