Writing Day with Marty

Martha Silano took the ferry over yesterday for some quality writing time in the poetry barn (aka my writing shed).

5+ hours just FLEW by.  I could not believe when it was time for her to take the ferry back home.

The hardest writing exercise we did was a sonnet exercise.  Marty's was really coming along, mine included Cher and was a little funky.

What we looked like when we began...

What we looked like after 5 hours of poetry writing and talk!

(Oh the book I'm holding up, Adrian Blevin's The Brass Girl Brouhaha, the book we used for the prompt line for our final exercise:  "All the notable things that ever happened to  me happened because..." from the poem "Generally Speaking."  Try it, it's a good opening line--no wonder she used it.  

And most important, here's some of what we ate--

We did go inside for a healthy lunch of chicken sandwiches with Trader Joe's mango chutney.  Yum!   


  1. Writing with a friend: Hard to imagine much that could be more fun!

  2. i love these mini writing retreats you do with your friends. i need to do more of that :)


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