Poetry Book Giveaway for National Poetry Month 2010

After participating in the One World, One HeArt giveaway, I thought for National Poetry Month we could do a poetry book giveaway where bloggers giveaway 2 books-- the first can be your own & the second book must be of another favorite poet of yours.

The goal is two share our favorite poets with others as well as to visit different blogs and see who others are reading. There is also a benefit for those who participate as it will bring people to your blog and share your work and/or the work of a favorite poet with them.


The Poetry Book Giveaway will start as soon as you post your book giveaway and will run through April 30th (all of National Poetry Month).

 On May 1st (or 2nd if you can't make it), choose 2 winners for your giveaway.

--You can do this buy putting everyone's name who commented on the giveaway in a bowl and choosing one. Or you can use the random number generator and then count down the comments until you get to the winner. (Make sure to email them so they know they won...)

**** If you are participating in this giveaway, you must be willing to mail 2 separate books of poems to ANYWHERE in the world. You pay the postage, not the winner.


1) Can I enter the drawing if I don't participate in the giveaway?
Yes, the drawings are open to anyone.

2) Can I participate in the drawing if I am a blogger giving away two books?
Yes, again, the drawings are open to anyone.

3) Can the two books I give away both by written by me?
No. One book in your giveaway must by another poet, specifically one of your favorite poets.

4) Can I give away two books that I wrote and one book from someone else?
Yes! You can give away as many of your own books as you like as long as you make sure to give away a book by someone else. You are also welcome to give away a subscription to a favorite literary journal as an extra prize if you like, but again, you cover the cost.

5) Do the books I give away have to be new?
No. But only give away gently-used books. They should look newish.

6) I'm not a poet, but I love poetry can I participate in the giveaway?
Yes! Just give away books by two of your favorite poets.

7) I'm a poet, but only have a chapbook, does that count as a book?
Yes! Chapbooks are books! Feel free to give away your chapbook and then another collection by a favorite poet.

8) I don't want to pay postage if someone wins. Can I still participate?
No. You must be willing to mail the books to the winner at your cost. That's what makes it a giveaway (not a pay-me-for-postage-away.)

9) Do I need to have a blog to sign up for the drawings?
That is up to the blogger who hosts the drawing you sign up for. When I did it for One World, One HeArt, I allowed readers without blogs to sign up but only if they include their email so I could get ahold of them.

10)  Is it too late to post a giveaway on my blog and be included on the list?
Sorry, but yes.  All links were to have been given to me by April 15, 2010, but you are still welcome to ENTER as many of the drawings you like!  Also, I do plan on doing this for next poetry month, so come on back here in 2011 for the National Poetry Month Poetry Book Giveaway 2011!



  1. i'm tagging this to my Evernote account cause I think I would like to participate in this and if nothing else I want to mention it so my readers can consider it :)

    great idea!

  2. Hi Kelli,
    I am in and will do a post about it today. Great idea. I can also spread the word on Wom-po. Such a lovely and generous project. Thank you for starting it! And now let's see if I can figure out how to put the badge on my page...

    Superb idea!

  3. Hey Kelli,

    I'm confused about where the list of poets/bloggers participating in the event is--can you let me know? The link on the left of your page isn't working as of Pi Day (3.14.2010).


  4. I tried to find the link, too and was unable to! So glad it wasn't just me...

  5. Right now I only have my blog up (book of Kells). Once people post their giveaway I'll add the blog links.

    I don't post links until the giveaways are up so readers can go right to the giveaway post.

    I'll see if I can find a way to make it show up more. And also make thatclearer.

    Today is the first day, so it's just me.

  6. I really appreciate your blog and all of the various tips, poem introductions, and related news/updates. I don't consider myself a poet per se, but I love writing poetry. I have only been doing it for a couple of years now and I know that I am a novice. If it would be at all possible for you to check out my poems in my blog, and give me any tips/comment on them, I would greatly appreciate it.

    Thank you,


  7. This is a great idea. Please count me in — both as a Giver and (Hopeful) Receiver.

    I'll post to my blog later this week: www.drewmyron.com

    Thanks so much for this wonderful way to share great poetry!

    - drew

  8. My giveaway is posted over at my blog (amyliawrites.com) and the link to the post on it is here:


    Thanks again!

  9. Hi Kel, count me in with Shedding Our Skins.

  10. This is a terrific idea, and I am pleased to participate at "One Poet's Notes":

    Thanks for initiating this project!


  11. Kelli,
    Thanks for including me in this great project. Love it!


  12. I love this idea! Count me in, I'll post on my blog right after I clean up the virtual party. xo

  13. What a wonderful idea. I've posted about this in my blog. I'm not a poet but I've chosen one of your books as one of my giveaways.

    Thank you so much!


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  15. Sorry, let me try that again...

    This is such a great idea -- Thanks Kelli. I'm joining in with a giveaway too. Here's my post:


  16. Hi Kelli,

    I am in and just wrote a post about it, which will appear on my blog on April 3.

    Please add blog.32poems.com to your list. What fun!

    Deborah @ 32 Poems

  17. Details for my giveaways are here:

  18. Definitely enter me in your giveaway!

    Folks can find details for my own poetry giveaway here: http://everydaybright.com/2010/04/01/no-fooling-free-poetry-giveaway/

    Great idea, Kelli!


  19. I'm in, Kelli! My giveaway is posted at my dedicated NaPoWriMo blog here:


    And please enter me in yours!

  20. I'd like to participate but don't have a poetry book (although I have one being considered currently). I do have a poetry anthology where 2 of my poems are featured. Does that count?


  21. http://www.apoetessanthology.blogspot.com/
    nicole taylor

  22. http://www.apoetessanthology.blogspot.com/
    nicole taylor

  23. http://www.apoetessanthology.blogspot.com/
    nicole taylor
    nicole taylor

  24. Hi Barry,

    The anthology would be perfect! And then just choose another favorite poetry book to give away and you're all set!

    Everyone is welcome to participate. Even if you don't have a poetry book yourself, you're still welcome to giveaway two of your favorite books, anthologies included.

    Drop me a link to your post/blog if you decide to participate.

    All best,

  25. Thanks. Then yes, I will be participating. It will go up sometime later this week. I'll drop the link here in your comments section when I post it.


  26. Kelley. Consider me a participant. My giveaway post can be found at:

  27. Thanks for organizing this, Kelli! Lovely way to celebrate NPM :).

  28. Thank you so much for doing this, Kelli! I'm late to the party, but better late than never, right! Please see my post at http://practicing-writing.blogspot.com/2010/04/poetry-book-giveaway-for-national.html. And thank you once again.

  29. This is a wonderful idea! I am going to have to see if there are two books of poetry I am willing to part with :)

  30. Great idea! Here is my blog:

  31. This is inspired! I wish I had heard of it earlier (that is what I get when I get busy on other things and don't visit blogs for a few weeks). I may try to join in.... or I may just sign up to win something. Thank you for hosting


  32. Kelli,
    Free books are always an inspiration.
    my public e-mail will be fish_trappe AT yahoo.com


  33. all my books of poetry can be downloaded FREE at:


    I also give away free hardcopy books— email me and ask for one: notknott@gmail.com

  34. Hello, Very interesting blog. I am a faithful follower. Ever since I was young I had the same passion for reading and book collection.

    Excellent work.


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