Reading in Seattle Tonight...

Tonight I'm going to hear Olena Kalytiak Davis & Kary Wayson read in Seattle. There will be photos and details to follow.

I've mentioned Kary's book, American Husband (OSU JOURNAL AWARD POETRY), as a favorite of mine. My biggest critique of the book is that it is too short. I think it's only 48 pages, something like that. But I just love her writing!

Olena's first book is my favorite. Mine is completely dented and folded. It is worn because I love it. It's called And Her Soul Out Of Nothing (Brittingham Prize in Poetry)
I didn't like her Shattered Sonnets book as much. But she is still one of my favorite poets. I'll be buying her chapbook tonight.

So off to Seattle early to meet for dinner with a few of my favorite friends, then the reading and a ferry ride home. I'm looking forward to this.


  1. How I wish I could be in Seattle tonight! Davis is one of my favorites, too. I agree about her sonnets, but ... and here I seem to part company with some readers who whine about how few "really good" poems this or that book contains ... if I like and trust the sensibility I'll follow the poet anywhere. I mean I'll go back to Davis's sonnets because her ferocity and protean mood shifts fascinate me. Those qualities might bust her masterpiece (as Karl Shapiro put it) by shattering coherence, maybe (she did warn us with her title, though), and the do sometimes rough up what might be better lightly sanded, but there's nobody like her that I know of.

    Kary Wayson is completely new to me. I'll have to track down her book.

    Thanks for the post!

  2. I read davis' first book during my mfa program and found it such an amazingly immersive read :) so jealous you are getting to go!


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