a shooting star

I saw one of these last night. I was thinking about my stepdad and thought it was a sign.

I believe in signs. I haven't seen a shooting stars in years. Many many years. And then last night, one appeared.

I was feeling guilty because I just bought a new mountain bike and I spent more than I wanted to. My budget was $280 tops and the bike was $480. I was having buyer's remorse.

I was using some of the money I inherited from when my stepdad died. My mum said, "He would have wanted you to spend it something you really wanted, he would have been glad." Still, for some reason it's hard for me to spend money on myself like that.--when it's a want and not a need.

I was looking out the window and saying thanks in my head to my stepdad and remembering/missing him when the shooting star went by.

I know many will say "shooting stars happen" and "you're just connecting your thought with a natural event," and I am. But I know that star was his way of saying he's watching out for me, and saying "You're welcome."



  1. I've only seen a shooting start once that I can remember, about 10 years ago. (I guess I saw a little of a meteor shower when I was very young though only have spotty memories of it.)

    The one I saw 10 years ago was at a particularly heavy moment in my life, and don't really believe it was a sign from anywhere or anyone, but it was a remarkable coincidence that it happened just when it did.

  2. I think coincidences are signs. Synchronicity. A nod that everything is in place.

    I'm weird new-agey like that though.

    Thanks for sharing your experiences. I am always amazed with our universe and it's flying sparks.

  3. i believe in them too- maybe you'll get more signs whenever you're feeling down - no matter what it's about


  4. Dallas,

    Thank you. And by the way, you have a great blog!


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