From the KomoTV website:

Record Check for the Seattle are:

A quick list of other records that might fall this week:

•Consecutive days at or over 90: 5 (Aug. 7-11, 1981). Current forecast: 4, Potential: 6
•Consecutive days at or over 85: 9 (Aug. 5-13, 1977). Current forecast: 9. Potential: 11
•Consecutive days at or over 80: 15 (July 30-Aug 13, 1977) -- Current forecast: 11, which stretches through the end of the extended forecast. Potential: ??? (Incidentally in the '77 streak, the 14th was 79, there were three more 80s afterward.
•Number of 90 degree days in a month: 7 (July 1958)
. Current forecast: 6. Potential: 7
•Number of 90 degree days in a year: 9 (1958)
. Through Tuesday: 5 with two more a slam dunk, and potential for a few more by next Monday. And there's still August and early Sept. yet.
•Hottest July on record (high temperature): 81.4 degrees in 1958. (If current 7 day forecast verifies exactly, our avg. this month will be 81.25)
•Seattle daily records: Wednesday: 95, Thursday: 94. Friday: 93

Currently, at 10 am it's 93 in Seattle.

I know many aren't enjoying this weather, but as someone whose body temp runs a bit low, I've been loving it. Of course, my home & yard stays pretty cool,so it hasn't been too bad here, for which I'm thankful.

Just trying to stay hydrated.


  1. It's so strange that it's mid-seventies to low-eighties here in SoCol but close to 100 in Seattle.
    Of course, when we drove through the middle of California, it was 107 degrees for hundreds of miles. That wasn't pleasant! I got out of the car and stood in the shade, and then got right back in the car. (Sweet air conditioning!)
    At least you're by the water and have some trees - but seriously, take care and don't get heat stroke! My secret for super-hot days was to hang out in very cold movie theaters and grocery stores.

  2. It's 1:45ish and it's 99 degrees. Kind of crazy, isn't it? After all that snow in the winter, we get this huge heatwave. I'm staying inside with the air conditioning. :)

  3. At the other extreme, a couple of times here in Minneapolis I've been outside when the high temperature for the day was minus 15. (Yes that's right I said the high temperature.)

    One winter morning some years back, I heard the weather announcer on T.V. say that the temperature here had stayed below 40 degrees for more than 100 days in a row.

    This past week here we've had low temps in the 50's and 60's. High tomorrow is predicted to be 71.

    Do be careful in all that heat.


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