My Poem at DMQ Review

I don't think I ever mentioned I had a poem published here this spring and it's online.

DMQ Review - "Death & Birth in a Chinese Restaurant"

**A little something about the poem-- In 2000, when my daughter was born she swallowed amniotic fluid as was born not breathing.

Birth was probably the scariest time of my life, to have that happen and then all the things that happened to me (my blood pressure dropped before her birth to 70/40 and they thought I was going into shock, afterwards I was hemorrhaging...good times.)

As horrible as it all was, it helped me (as these events do) realize what was important in life-- not things, not status, not promotions, not money.

I have another collection in the works that goes a little deeper into these events and traumas, but I haven't submitted it yet or consider it completely finished. It's been nine years this August and it's still hard to write about and remember.



  1. Kelli:

    That's an awesome poem on so many levels. I've read it over and over and each time it seems better than the time before.

  2. That is a fantastic poem - and I love "reincarnation" and "under carnations." So good.

  3. It's so beautiful. I could read it over and over and never get over your talent.


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