Self Portrait with Olive Branch

Well, we are drying out today.

Yesterday, when we went to check our unfinished basement, we learned that our 25 year old sump pump had failed and now along with Lake Garage, we had the Sea of Basement.

The ark is still not built and my home is ready to sail away.

I started calling all every giant hardware store in our county--everyone was out of pumps. So I called our small town hardware store and there was one left which they were happy to hold for me to pick up. (There is a whole story about my good luck here in ending up with last pump, which I'll skip, but just a note to whoever is watching down on me--THANK YOU!) And a good reminder to me that the Home Depots and the Lowe's of the world have nothing on the small locally run hardware store when it comes down to it in an emergency.

So within a few hours of wet work, my husband and I got the new pump working, the main part of our basement pumped out and this morning, when I woke up, Sea of Basement had turned into Pond of Unfinished Work.

Thankfully, the main part of the house that we live in, is up high enough that we remained dry and grateful. The sun is out and a dove just appeared in our flowering plum and I swear it has an olive branch in its grasp.


  1. Kelli--We had the same problem a few years ago. I came home from a school visit to find my downstairs finished basement, which is my office/computer area, completely flooded. We had to get in a professional crew to pump it out and then had 6 days of numerous fans drying out the room. Now I make a point of checking the pump from to time.


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