Resolutions ? ! ?

I'm debating on whether to make New Year's Resolutions this year.

I want to make the resolution: Publish 2nd book. But really, unless I self-publish, my resolution will have to be "submit second manuscript" because whether or not my book gets published has to do with outside forces (known as editors or contest judges).

So I could say my resolution is submit second manuscript--though I had already started doing that, so it's is it really a resolution to do something I've already been doing? Instead, I guess I could say my resolution is to "write better poems." And of course, what better way to kill inspiration than to judge it, so by making the resolution to "write better poems," it will probably have the opposite outcome.

What about have fun with poetry? This gives me the image of taking poetry out to Pizza Factory and giving her a handful of quarters for videos or taking my poems to the pool hall for a beer and a game of darts. So, no fun and poetry this year, methinks.

I could say my resolution is to create a writing schedule. Of course, just because I create a writing schedule (I resolve to write daily from 8-10 p.m. except when The Practice is not a rerun) doesn't mean I'm actually doing it.

So maybe it comes down to resolving not to make resolutions--which I break immediately by making that resolution.

I'm going to think about this more. A year without resolutions may be nice. Or maybe the resolution to be a little less resolved, or involved, or maybe to explore some anagrams for "resolutions"--

Loonies ruts


So into rules!

Hmm, I have one more day to decide, to wonder what 2008 will hold and if I walk straight into 2008 with resolutions in my pocket and fireworks shining around me or if I will wander there with my head in the clouds thinking about kingfishers or which book I should read. We'll see.


My question--

Do you make resolutions? If yes, what are they?


  1. Hey Kelli,

    My resolution: Be more compassionate and passionate in the upcoming year. I think that will really help me and my poetry.

    Have a great year!

  2. I try not to make resolutions--I often use to-do lists and goal tracking as procrastination tools.

  3. Hi Erin,

    "compassion" was sort of my keyword last year--i think it's always something to think about. I think I'll kick it into this year as well.

    Hi V--
    Interesting how the goal/to do list becomes the way to make you stop writing (or whatever). The resolution as a nuisance!

    Thanks for your notes and happy 2008 to both of you!


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