Happy 2008!

2007 becomes 2008: Happy new year!
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2008 New Year's Resolutions

1. Make choices out of compassion
2. Reduce/Reuse/Recycle
3. Dream big--um, scratch that... make it Live big.

Gratitude List

1) Family & Friends
2) Hedgi the Hedgehog
3) Crab Cakes and Creme Brulee
4) Buttercup the chicken laying an egg today while we were there.
5) Cowboy boots
6) electric blanket & space heater
7) blue skies
8) the Kuan Yin statue on my desk
9) the library
10) making through another year safely, happily and with a desk of poems.
11) democrats (who vote) ;-)

To a new year and a new administration! Remember, Election Day is only 11 months away- November 4, 2008 - vote early and vote often.

To 2008, the end of an error!

Wishing you all a creative new year!


  1. Love your resolutions, esp. "live big!"

    Here's to you, my dear, and all of the fabulous voting democrats who will make a difference in 2008!



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