Monday, January 23, 2012

Carbon Copy Magazine Issue #1 is Fantastic!

Just received my contributor's copy for Carbon Copy Magazine in the mail.  I LOVE it. (You can buy a copy here, or learn how to submit to it here.)

It's a pop-culture issue so it's ridiculous fun.  I have a poem called "Because I'm John Stamos" which basically makes fun of myself for being a B-list poet, along with another poem called "American Gothic in Technicolor" and "Unfinished," a poem which suggests God was Marilyn Monroe.

There are other pop culture poems throughout, my favorites being "Word of the Day" and "Upbraiding Amy" about Amy Winehouse by Allison Joseph, and three incredible poems by Denise Duhamel, my favorite being "Facebook Kisses Off."

But the magazine is packed full of poems mentioning Anne Sexton & Grace Kelly, Batman, Graceland, & Abe Lincoln.

It's what I loved about the magazine, each poem a surprise, and full color artwork included in the pages.  I know how much it costs for full-color pages, so I appreciate Carbon Copy for going the extra mile there.

Oh and they are playful with their bio notes, which I love.  None of that, Kelli was published here, here and here, they have me admitting to using lines from a Marilyn Monroe biography on my dates when I was younger.  How can I not love a magazine that turns bio notes into intriguing reading



  1. Congrats! This sounds delightful!

  2. Yeah! You've done it again! BTW - the copy sounds so good I'm Jealous! Love Denise Duhamel work.

  3. That looks like such a fun magazine! I both want to buy it and send them some poems.


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