Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Confession Tuesday

Dear Reader,

It's that time of week where we (I say in plural as I'm not the only one confessing these days) share our sins, our secrets, the things we can't find a good way to bring up.

I mentioned yesterday about an incident on a ferryboat. I'll begin with that...

To the confessional--

I confess I did not mean to scare two passengers and a ferry worker, nor did I mean to make the entire ferry look to see who was screaming and running up the walkway.

Basically, here's what happened-- Annette & I were boarding the ferry at the last minute when we looked down from the boarding walkway to see if they were still loading cars (as long as you see cars driving on the ferry, you know you are okay with time).  When we looked down there were no cars driving on and Annette said something like "uh-oh" and I had this deeper inner reaction that I was going to miss Jeannine Gailey's reading in Seattle.

So like the scene from "A Streetcar Named Desire" (see Marlon Brando photo above) where he screams "Hey STELLA!" that was pretty much me boarding the ferry, except I screamed, "NOOOOooooooooo!  NOOOOOOOOO!" as I thought they were closing the doors (this has happened to me before, so I am slightly scarred).

It was one of those moments where I lost all self-consciousness because I was so focused at the task at hand--making the ferry.  What I hadn't realized was how loud I had screamed until I saw the two women jump, and the ferry worker shake his head.  Walking onto the ferry, another ferry worker said, "Wow, you two sound like you're a lot of fun..." To which I replied, "We are."

I am a loud person anyway and can be completely unaware of how loud I am when I'm lost in a moment.  Walking on the ferry, heads turned to see who the screamer was.  Annette said she likes traveling with me because she doesn't have to be the aggressive one and that I'll take care of things like that.  That made me happy, plus that fact that she wasn't embarrassed by my outburst.

I have been laughing about this scene for the last two days as I play the image of myself screaming and running onto the ferry.  Had I not been dressed cute and smiling, they might have called security.


I confess I like that my friends do not get embarrassed by my weirdness and/or quirks.


I confess that same day I managed to say things to two friends to make them feel uncomfortable.  This was not on purpose.  This was me *trying* to be helpful and friendly, but sometimes I have a way of opening mouth and inserting foot.


I confess I was recently talking to a friend about some marriage issues she was having and a few of her complaints.  I told her, A housekeeper is cheaper than a marriage counselor.

And the more I think about this, the more I think it's true.  Many times the things that drive us crazy are the little things-- like the clutter left on the table, the messy kitchen.  It's probably cheaper to pay someone to clean them for you than to 1) go to marriage counseling  2) cheat on your spouse to escape your messy life  3) get a divorce.

Now, while I don't currently have a housekeeper, I think this could be an open door to one. . .  Um, I'm not a therapist, but I play one on TV...


I confess I am much more like a man in how I want to fix things.  Instead of being more feminine and listening, when a friend brings up a problem or issue to me, my first thought is "Great, we can fix this," when really they just want a listening ear.

I confess my listening ear likes to make plans to fix things.  I definitely understand how sometimes men get into trouble with their significant others in such instances.  I think many times this is how my foot-in-mouth issues begin.


I confess I haven't had time to work on my third manuscript and not having time to write makes me obsess about writing and wanting to.  This is the plus side of being busy, it reminds you of what's important in your life.


I confess I am all out of confessions.

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