Friday, March 26, 2010

Free Poetry Books for National Poetry Month!

If you haven't entered these drawings for FREE poetry books in honor of National Poetry Month, please do!

There are some incredible books of poems being given away in the next month.

Also, please know if you're participating at your own blog with giveaway, you are still welcome to sign up to win other blogger's poetry books and if you're not a blogger or a blogger, but not participating, you're still welcome to enter!

Here's our current list of bloggers taking part in the event.

If you'd like to giveaway free poetry books to your readers, go here to learn how and I'll add your blog below.

List of Bloggers Participating in the Poetry Book Giveaway 2010


  1. Drew,

    The best thing about this giveaway may not be the anticipation of winning some amazing books of poetry, but rather the thrill of learning about so many talented poets (and bookmarking their blogs for ongoing inspiration!)

    Jessica Woods

  2. i set mine up on my blog but no one has entered yet!


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