Friday, January 22, 2010

Writing Exercise Possibility-

Loved this article in the NY Times on Passwords: If you're Password is 123456, Just Make It Hack-Me

I originally say it on Charlie Jensen's's facebook page.

I think this article could inspire a couple poems.

Also, if your password is "monkey" please change it, as you may be hacked.


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  1. Could you believe it?! By the time I got to this article, I was lying in bed reading it. My jaw dropped. Seen by only a cat but it did. Not to tempt fate, but I have some of the longest, most odd passwords (acc. to two trustworthy friends). In my email this a.m. were screeching emails of 'we're changing, we're changing them' ... we'll see. I hope so for their sake. Thanks for calling this to more people's attention. And since you saw it on a FB page, let's hope it's widely emailed. (Haven't seen the list of most emailed articles on but I hope it's No. 2...right after Haiti.)



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