Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Up Early to Write...

I realized yesterday (after baking 150 homemade dog cookies for my daughter's class) and catching up on a ton of emails, I haven't been putting my own writing first.

Yes, I had Saturday, but besides our writer's retreat, I realize I somehow have allowed my own work to slip to the #2 position. So, to balance that I woke at 5 am and instead of going back to sleep, I sleepwalked out of bed to my laptop to write.

So here I am. This is why this will be short. I'll do my confessions later.

Thank you husband for making coffee.
Thank you cats for greeting me.
Thank you loud hedgehog drinking water at 4:55 am for waking me.


Adrienne said...

I rely on the dogs to make sure I`m up before the crack of dawn. If it`s not the jumping on the bed it`s the licking, snoring, chewing sounds. I`m ever-grateful for my furry little alarm clocks :)

Jessie Carty said...

i confess, i don't think i could type my name if i was up at 5am :)

Writer Bug said...

I love that baking dog cookies is what made you realize your balance was off. (I agree that writing should come before baking for dogs, though I do love my pooches). Good for you for getting up to write!

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