Monday, January 11, 2010

My hedgehog


Michael said...

Ok, you don't show us a picture like that and get off scot-free with no explanation. Come on... details!

Salmon Bear said...

Good lord, but that's cute!

Kells said...

Hi Michael,

That's our hedgehog, Hedgie. It's the cutest thing ever. In truth, it's my daughter's hedgehog, but I cannot be in a bad mood when I look at its little face.

Ronda-- I know. It is so darn sweet!

Michael said...

Wow. I thought it was so cute I couldn't decide it it was real or a stuffed toy. I thought maybe it was something stuffed you got for your birthday. Knowing it is real makes it even better. I (who has too many animals) almost want one.

How's your dog do around him?

word verification = progie. Sounds like a name for a hedgehog since Hedgie is taken. :)

Kells said...

All my animals love him. My kitten is always in his tank (though that is not where she is supposed to be!) My dog think it's cute but doesn't get too close b/c he has already gotten his nose poked while sniffing him.

Because of its pokey spines, all the pets are interested, but everyone leaves it alone. What's really cute is that Hedgie always tried to cuddly up with my cats which can freak them out. Good times.

But yes, a real hedgehog (African pygmy hedgehog). They are illegal in California though. Some states are not hedgehog fans.

Jessie Carty said...

he is super cute! that might put my youngest cat in place finally if he got poked by a hedgehog :)

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