Friday, January 01, 2010

I Ching Card of 2010: Harmony

While we were at Hedgebrook, a writer introduced me to I Ching cards. If you've ever thrown the I Ching, you know it's a long process of writing down information (if you throw pennies, than it's heads/heads/tails, etc., six times and writing it a certain way). I'm not exactly sure of the details as I've thrown the coins and let the experts keep track of the details.

Anyway, this writer introduced me these cards where each day you can choose a new card to focus on.

I chose my first card for 2010 and it was #16 Harmony.

Here's the note on the card:

When you are in harmony with the universe all things go your way. When you aren't in harmony, everything is a struggle. Inner wealth is more rewarding. Plan for the future, but you will need support from those around you.


Here's hoping your first day of 2010 is full of harmony.

Cheers to the new year!



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