Saturday, January 30, 2010

How to Expand Your Retail Outlets if you are a Small Independent Book Publisher

One of our editors called our local art gallery to let them know the new issue of Crab Creek Review was in and that she'd be bringing it down in the next day or too. A kind man with an accent answered the phone and R told him about our new issue. The man seemed a little confused, which isn't too surprising since the gallery is for local artists and run by volunteers. So R explained our new issue, how we always sell issues there, then asked the man where she should put the new issue of Crab Creek Review when she drops them off. He replied, "Next to the Little Nickel."

R. thought this was a little odd that the gallery was also handling Little Nickel newspapers, but figured, they're a local art gallery and are trying to get customers to come to them for whatever reason. R. continued talking for a bit, but when the man really seemed to be out of the loop, she asked, "And whom am I speaking with?"

R was a little stunned to discover she was speaking to the gas station attendant at Arco. (It seemed she has dialed the number directly above the art gallery by mistake...)

So yes, Crab Creek Review is now sold in the fine independent books of North America such as Open Books, Elliott Bay Books, Bulldog News, the Kingston Art Gallery... and the Arco gas station right before the floating bridge. ;-)

What a way to expand our readership!

This was my favorite story of the week.

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