Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Confession Tuesday

I confess this is not what I planned to write about tonight.

But a few minutes ago a good friend whose had her own challenges in life, just sent me an email about her good friend, Emily Warren.

Emily's baby, Emma Claire Warren was delivered 15 weeks early, and the family is asking for your good thoughts and prayers.

I confess that one thing I have not told you here is that my daughter was born not breathing and there is an absolute helplessness you feel as a parent in such situations. Thankfully, the code-blue button was pressed and within seconds my room was filled with folks who were trained just for this type of emergency. They helped my daughter take her first breath. She spent 3 days in the NICU and I spent sleepless nights in worry about her. Emma Claire will spend much longer in NICU.

The Warren Family started a blog about Emma and her life beginning at 25 weeks that I've linked up here
. She is very tiny and hooked up to a lot of wires as you can imagine. She's only 26 weeks and obviously, in the best situations would still be in her mother's womb growing. But here she is, in the world, this small little girl. Please send your good energy and prayers her way.

I confess I am a big believer in prayer, good energy, and good thoughts in helping another living being. She's quite small and could use all the good thoughts, good energy, and good prayers you can share.



  1. will keep the whole family in my prayers!

  2. i can't even imagine what that kind of helplessness must feel like :( i will definitely send some positive thoughts their way!

    Such a beautiful name for the little girl

  3. I also confess that I am a believer in good energy and prayers -- no matter what spiritual or religious background one may come from.

    Thinking of little Emma tonight.


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