Tuesday, January 05, 2010

Confession Tuesday

I confess I had one of my crankiest days in a long time yesterday. And I confess I am not sure exactly what brought it on.

I realized how cranky I was listening to my reactions to things. For example, my husband told me that on the Today Show they said not to eat bananas to avoid belly fat. My reaction to this was a 5 minute rant on how we should be eating whole foods and especially fruits and vegetables, and that it's irresponsible to tell people that fruits cause belly fat. Belly fat! I even hated the word.

I am 85% less cranky today than yesterday. But still feel a little crankster going on inside me.

I confess some small things helped kick me out of my bad for a few moments yesterday-- Dropping off all our old stuff at Goodwill yesterday. Buying these small Moroccan salt & pepper holders (I'll put a photo of them in another post) for $1.98 at Pier 1, and eating chocolate, lots of chocolate. But ultimately, I felt cranky all day.

I confess it is more fun when it's winter break than when my daughter's in school. Maybe this what made me cranky, having to get back to "real" routine.

I confess I know I made resolutions, but I can't really remember what they are. I do not think this is a good way to handle resolutions, forgetting them.

I plan on writing them down today, maybe here so I can remember them and refer to them...

1) Take better care of my things (the resolution my family has chosen for me)
2) Write each morning (have mostly been following this)
3) Give a "gift" to someone every day
4) Live simply and be more aware of what I purchase and bring into my home
5) Choose only the best people to keep around me

I confess, my next post will be a gratitude journal to help kick me out of this crankiest mood.

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  1. i am awed that you found something a pier one for $1.98!!

    i confess that i have done everything to avoid going out and walking today..but i do still have an hour left before my "cut off" so to speak :)


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