Monday, January 18, 2010

Call for Submissions - Crab Creek Review on Ekphrastic Poetry

Crab Creek Review Call for Submissions

We are pleased to have our very first, guest editor, Susan Rich, who will be putting together a section of poems for an upcoming issue on the theme of Ekphrastic Poetry.

Here are the details below...

Special Editor's Portfolio edited by Guest Editor, Susan Rich
Theme: Ekphrastic Poetry

We begin with the visual. Ekphrastic poetry is a response in words to a painting, photograph, dance, building, sculpture, Ikea catalogue, child’s drawing, or bumper sticker. An ekphrastic poem begins with inspiration from another piece of art and with the intuitive understanding that art begets art. In a sense, the art object becomes the rough draft of the poem.

We are looking for the best ekphrastic poems, 30-lines (or less) to showcase in an upcoming issue of Crab Creek Review.

For this project, we are accepting email submissions to the email address below. To submit to this special portfolio of ekphrastic poetry, write your name and title of the submission in the subject line and then send your previously unpublished poems in the body of an email to Editor, Susan Rich at: duende3417 (a)

Please send 3-5 poems at the most.
Also, include a short bio and contact info as well.

Deadline is May 31, 2010


  1. Just FYI, Kelli ... I tried to submit but the email address for Ms. Rich doesn't appear to be correct. The submission bounced back. Fastest rejection I ever had!

  2. It sounds very cool. I'll definitely try to send some of my work over.

  3. I had the same issue that Joseph had. Looking forward to submitting, and even more so to reading the issue once it comes out!

  4. Joseph, and everyone else -

    The email is duende3417(at)

    Somehow the 7 disappeared along the way. You can also submit directly from my website at if you scroll down to the call I posted there.
    Looking forward to reading the work!

  5. Oops! Sorry guys,

    Yes, duende3417 (a)

    ***I must have accidentally deleted the 7 . My fault. Just wanted to see if everyone was paying attention... sorry about that.


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