Monday, January 25, 2010

Another Photo from Our DIY Writing Retreat Day...

Here's us at the beach (Ronda, Jenifer, me & Annette)

It was muddy so I dorkishly tucked my sweats into my pink socks that I'm wearing with red shoes. Nice.

We live in a very rural community and I knew no one would look twice at my interesting outfit. By the way, the pink socks (that I'm also wearing now as I type this) were a gift from Ronda for my bday and they are super-soft and warm. Plus, they have little rubber dots on the bottom so I can do yoga in them.

BTW, Ronda is the poet photographer who took all my author photos & Annette is my co-editor at Crab Creek Review. Jenifer has a great book out from Blue Begonia Press, One Hundred Steps from Shore
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