Monday, January 25, 2010

Another Photo from Our DIY Writing Retreat Day...

Here's us at the beach (Ronda, Jenifer, me & Annette)

It was muddy so I dorkishly tucked my sweats into my pink socks that I'm wearing with red shoes. Nice.

We live in a very rural community and I knew no one would look twice at my interesting outfit. By the way, the pink socks (that I'm also wearing now as I type this) were a gift from Ronda for my bday and they are super-soft and warm. Plus, they have little rubber dots on the bottom so I can do yoga in them.

BTW, Ronda is the poet photographer who took all my author photos & Annette is my co-editor at Crab Creek Review. Jenifer has a great book out from Blue Begonia Press, One Hundred Steps from Shore


  1. Very cool! You've inspired me to try this with my writers group.

  2. wait so my yoga pants tucked into my white and pink striped socks as i go to get the mail isn't kewl? :)


  3. Wow!!! what a great people friend circle. you have put some great point to think & learn via skills of writings. Thanks for sharing your experience with us. Writing retreat


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