Wednesday, July 29, 2009


From the KomoTV website:

Record Check for the Seattle are:

A quick list of other records that might fall this week:

•Consecutive days at or over 90: 5 (Aug. 7-11, 1981). Current forecast: 4, Potential: 6
•Consecutive days at or over 85: 9 (Aug. 5-13, 1977). Current forecast: 9. Potential: 11
•Consecutive days at or over 80: 15 (July 30-Aug 13, 1977) -- Current forecast: 11, which stretches through the end of the extended forecast. Potential: ??? (Incidentally in the '77 streak, the 14th was 79, there were three more 80s afterward.
•Number of 90 degree days in a month: 7 (July 1958)
. Current forecast: 6. Potential: 7
•Number of 90 degree days in a year: 9 (1958)
. Through Tuesday: 5 with two more a slam dunk, and potential for a few more by next Monday. And there's still August and early Sept. yet.
•Hottest July on record (high temperature): 81.4 degrees in 1958. (If current 7 day forecast verifies exactly, our avg. this month will be 81.25)
•Seattle daily records: Wednesday: 95, Thursday: 94. Friday: 93

Currently, at 10 am it's 93 in Seattle.

I know many aren't enjoying this weather, but as someone whose body temp runs a bit low, I've been loving it. Of course, my home & yard stays pretty cool,so it hasn't been too bad here, for which I'm thankful.

Just trying to stay hydrated.
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