Fantastic Interview with Poet Diane Seuss:

I just learned one of my very favorite poets, Diane Seuss, has a new book coming out October 2015!

If you don't know Diane Seuss's work, you should. I am completely inspired by it.

And I stumbled across this interview she did for Columbia Poetry Review. Check it out here. I included a favorite Q&A below.

What is the poem you have always wanted to write, but have not been able to?

DS: There was a fire at the drive-in movie theater a block from my house when I was a kid. Elvis was on the screen riding a Ferris wheel and singing. I watched him burn. I don’t think I’ve written the poem that does justice to that moment. Add to that the fact that the drive-in was on stolen land still glittering with arrowheads. No, I never got that right.

****Gawd, I want her to write that poem.

~ Kells

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