Anagram Poem: Predicting Violence from Drunken Boat

I had forgotten about this poem. It hasn't been included in any of my books, and well, I kind of like it. I stumbled upon it today in the Drunken Boat archives. You can listen to it here.

Predicting Violence 
For most creative people, the imagination serves as an excretory channel for violence: we visualize what we will never actually do.
—Stephen King
Because words equal sword,
and creative writing essays produce

tragic varsity weenies, 

we find violence instead of nice love.

We believe our young are evil
and think: rage, love, ruin you. 

Like snipers needing a child, 
danger hides in pencils. 

We worry about their letters.

She writes to a boy
in the marching band: Hi drummer. 
But could it be: murder him?

These words 
throw seeds

and art with its slathered howl 
heals the world.
And a child’s voice speaks—
avoids cliché, just valid choices
reflecting a devil so chic.

But we don’t listen—our tinseled town 
now a wilted sonnet;

we rearrange woman writer 
into her own timeworn war.

The love of words should not mean wolf or doves
by tasting arrows
an artist grows.

~ Kells

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