Saturday, November 15, 2014

Support Small Presses, Poets, Writers, & Artists this Holiday Season!

In December, I'm going to be sharing blog posts about Gifts and Books for Poets, Writers, Readers, and Literary Lovers.

What you need to know-- no one is paying me to share these items, they are things I've found on my own and think our cool. They are things I have or things I would shop for. I don't get any kickback, any commission, any free gift for sharing them. The only exception would be any thing I share from Two Sylvias Press, which is, well, my press.  But I still think they are cool gifts and publications.

I'm sharing them because they make my literary heart beat a little faster and because if I was Oprah, they'd be on my favorite things list and I'd be mailing them out to you.

For the most part, these will not be from corporations, but individuals (such as people on Etsy or small companies) as I truly believe in SUPPORTING THE INDIE PERSON or INDIE PRESS during the holiday season.

Look, you're going to be spending the money anyway. You're going to have to get a gift for your Cousin Lisa, give her something that will immediately help one other person, such as a gift from someone on Etsy, or an individual who sells vintage items on eBay, or from an artist's website, or from a small press directly.

I cannot stress this enough.  SHOP INDIE!

As someone with $5 in your pocket, you can make a difference in another person's life just by your shopping choices.  Think about that as the holiday season arrives and settles in.

~ Kells

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