Do You Believe in Dream Visitations? Thoughts about Dreams and John Lennon visitations...

So I oddly fell into this subject as I have recently been thinking about the poets and artists who have visited me in my dreams.

I think about dreams a lot, how there are certain dreams I have again and again.

I even backed this Kickstarter project called Shadow.  Here's the link to their app:

At first, it was mostly Pablo Neruda who came into my dreams though he would instruct me to do things.  Then Sylvia Plath started to show up more. I watched her onstage and in another dream we were friends, she would serve me tea, told me: 

There's always a skeleton

in your poems because there's a crisis
in poetry.
And I've been trying to use that in a poem since.

But a returning and most helpful artist in my dream world is John Lennon.  So I began googling this, and it seems since his death, John Lennon has been quite busy on earth:

Stories from John Lennon's Afterlife--visits from beyond the grave

In my dreams, unlike Neruda who always had a task for me "Write a poem about my hat, tell them I keep my notes in it" or asking me things like, "Have you seen my typewriter?" and "What year is it?" When I see John Lennon in a dream, I know I can bounce ideas off him or ask him questions.  He's always calm, and he's always sitting on this same couch, smoking.  

He is my favorite dream visitor because he is helpful beyond belief in my manuscript, my life, my writing, anything.

Of course, John Lennon could just be my self-consciousness in dream-human form, being the gentle face that allows me to go deeper.  But I like to think John Lennon has enough free time, he can visit poets. And I don't mind him smoking, in a dream, it's just atmosphere.

I've heard Walt Whitman visits poets. Frank O'Hara too.  I'd love a dream visit by O'Hara.

Two other famous people I've recently dreamed about were Bob Hope and Don Knotts. Don Knotts was my doorman and Bob Hope was inside in the lobby. I kept wondering why these two comedians returned to me.

I honestly am not sure about any of this. But love to think about it.

So do you have anyone that visits you in your dreams? Consistently?

I think there should be a list of famous people who visit the most frequently. And maybe there is.


  1. Wish I had interesting dreams like that, especially John Lennon.

  2. Whenever it seems I'm having a really rough time, another flare with my health or major upset in my life, there is a musician (who I will leave unnamed) who shows up in my dreams. He's still living, and I've always had the weirdest sense that I knew him from 'before'. Even before I was a fan and really listened to him, the instant I saw him, I knew him. It was like looking at a memory. One that makes me a bit sad, but gives me peace at the same time. I've never felt the same toward anyone else before. But I have noticed that whenever I am having the roughest of times, he shows up in my dreams. Often briefly or in a very subtle manner, but he steers calm into my mind and heart and makes it all better when I wake. Take it for what you will, but I am thankful to him nonetheless. =)

    I definitely think people, both alive and dead, can 'travel' in dreams. It's a land we as humanity have never dared explore.


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