Useful Tools & Apps for Poets & Writers (focus on Mac apps):

I so dislike clutter or confusion in my life or on my computer because it fills my head and blocks my writing. Because of that, I find ways to be as organized as possible.

This is a challenge for a creative mind. Of course, as I say this and on my desk--file folders and a stack of favorite poetry books.  But here are a few tools I use that might make your life easier:

1)  Self-Control:  Best app for writers EVER! (I think it may just be for Mac users, but I bet there's a MS type app somewhere out there.)

Turns off the habitual places you go to without turning off the internet.  Hooked on Facebook?  Can't stay off Twitter?  No worries. Self-Control lets you block these sites while still being able to use the internet for research (REAL research, not looking up photos of George Clooney's wedding.)

Self Control; (price: FREE! - you're welcome.)

2) Dropbox:  It shocks me that people still save their drafts on their laptop.  Not only does it take up space but as someone who has ruined my last Mac by spilling a pot (yes a POT) of coffee on it, it makes more sense to save it in "the cloud." Also, if you're at a reading or out and need to pull up a poem, you can do it. You can immediately attach poems to send out from your smartphone.

Hugely recommend this. I now pay extra to store photos on it. TOTALLY worth it for me to know I have everything safe and reachable from any location.


3) Evernote:  This is my online journal.  Where I save articles, info about a poem I'm writing. I have a file for my 4th manuscript where I keep information until I can sort through it.  Like a virtual Twyla Tharp creative box.


4)  Toodledo: My online TO DO list.  Love it. I'm a listmaker. I've tried a million of these. This one is the one I ALWAYS return to.  You can sort by product, date, importance or other ways.  Once I have something I need to do on here, I never forget it.  And it syncs with your iPhone (and probably other smartphones).


5)  Pocket Reader: This used to be an indie app, but now hooked into Google. Whatever.  This is what I use during the day when I come to articles to read. I save them to my pocket app then read them in bed on my iPad (I sound like I'm a techie, I'm not. I just like to read a lot of books and my iPad is the best lightest bookbag ever.)

Pocket Reader:

6) 23 Insanely Easy Ways to Declutter Your Online Life:

I found the Facebook links to friends I don't really connect with her. I found the ONE TAB Google Chrome extension here.  I found better ways to do things.  Check it out.

I think that's a good amount to get started with. We can be overwhelmed by our tools, so find what work for you and stick with them!

~ Kells
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