Confession Tuesday: What's Your Superpower? Edition

Pixieware, Honey.

Dear Reader,

If you've been reading this blog over the last couple weeks, you may have seen hodgepodge of emotions.  From I'm sad, I'm excited, I'm getting focused, I'm falling apart.  Those are my summaries of feelings, but there have been more.

Today I realized that while my superpower isn't living a stress-free life, it is juggling.  It's juggling emotions, tasks, projects, life.

Now, while I'm not the best juggler in the world, I do complete tasks.
Last week, I finished proofing my third collection, Hourglass Museum, and approved the cover.

It feels good to be done.  Now, all the final details are out of my hands and I just have to cross my fingers it all turns out beautiful and that you, or someone like you, enjoys it when it's published.

All of this got me thinking that I was feeling down, but I do some things well. We all do things well.

Dear Reader, I confess while I suck at multi-tasking, I am awesome at prioritizing projects and making room in my day for getting one more smaller thing done.  I can squeeze in something that's been on my To Do list for weeks right before bed because I get a huge satisfaction of being finished with things. It's kind of a superpower.

So today I'm thinking of superpowers (I want us all to think of our superpowers).  Maybe make your own list and if you'd like, share one, two, or all of them in the comment section.

Here are mine in no particular order:

My Superpowers are:

Frugality.  Finding cute, well-made clothes for hardly any money, say $4, say $6, say $8.  I haven't spent more than $14 on a sweater in years, and that $14 was a splurge.

Poetry.  Writing a poem a day (I'm doing this all September with Martha Silano)

Baking.  While not knowing how to cook, I can make an incredible Blackberry cobbler, Apple Brown Betty, and I'm pretty decent at scones too.

Finding Things.  For a long time, I was the patron saint of lost pets (if your pet was lost, most likely it was at my house and I was caring for it until I found you).  Now, I'm the patron saint of lost hearts and lost quarters.

Lollygagging.  I can spend the day watching birds or looking at the sea or a tree moving in the wind.  I can do this for hours without ever feeling I need to be somewhere else.

Observing.  I notice what others don't see.  If you bring me to a historic house and tell me about the venting system, I will notice the sparrow's nest outside the window, the crack in the corner that looks like the state of Florida, and the way the man in front of me keeps the small pink teddy bear in his pocket while holding the hand of his daughter.

Enjoying.  I am never bored.  On long car rides.  In a train.  Waiting in line.  I am always easily distracted from boredom by the world around me.

Hugging animals.  Dogs love me.  Even the ones who seems mean.

Returning to Places I Love.  Most of my dreams are about being at a writing residency.  I enjoy going to bed for this reason.

Street Smarts with Compassion.  Kindness and knowing who to stay away from.

Listmaking.   Long involved lists with due dates, letters of priority and stars.

Ecstasy. Never skipping dessert.  I am the friend you want to hang out with because I always have snacks and I don't judge you on what you eat or drink.  Eat a Twinkie.  Drink three glasses of red wine. Warm up cookie dough in a microwave and eat it with a spoon.  In most cases, I'll join you.  I have few rules about what I won't eat-- just not cheesecake.  Cheesecake is my kryptonite.

Nostalgia.  I love the things other people forget about:  typewriters, Pixieware from the 1950's, headvases from the 1960's, souvenir pressed pennies, rosaries, trophies, old stamps.

Dreaming.  Day and night.  It's a gift, a curse, and a blessing.


~ Kells

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  1. I suppose my power (gift) is being brutally honest. Not always appreciated!

  2. Cats love you too.


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