Other Ways to be Creative: Photography

After those last two posts about marketing, I need to return to my safe spot of creating.

I feel much better than being an artist in the world than a marketer in world.  I need to keep art and creativity in my life daily.  A good friend of mine recently said that we to practice living spontaneously because spontaneity  is like a muscle you need to stretch or when you try to have spontaneity, you break or it doesn't feel good.  I love that thought.

I think creativity and art is something you also need to do daily-- and there are SO many ways to do it.

I do other creative things as well as writing including a little photography and graphic design. In fact, I'm actually entering a few photos in a local arts festival this month.  I'll share them after festival.

Some of you know I'm doing a series of photos called "Have Typewriter, Will Travel," where I take my typewriter to interesting places and photograph it.

Here are a few photographs I've taken over the last month...

Letterpress Letters

This is from my beach series where I photograph what I find after a walk to the beach.

Early beach walk with Mini Haystack Rock

Two Bald Eagles

Sky for Susan

You Are An Acceptable Amount of Threat

I also sew, paint, and garden for creative activities.

What do you like to do?  And if you have any of your work online, include a link...

~ Kells

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