Free downloadable "Success Chart" to keep on your desk

It is so easy to forget about all the daily successes you have over the year.

Because of that, I created this simple "Success Chart" to print out and keep on your desk.

See how simple it is?

But it's a reminder to yourself to put down anything that was "good news." From getting a poem accepted, to winning a random drawing, to doing something you were afraid to do, to someone complimenting your work (or your hair) or whatever you want to remember.

We can be so focused on what we don't have or didn't get, we lose track of what we have and what we've achieved, or any of the good news that comes our way.

Consider it a gratitude journal of successes!

Anyway, if you want your own you can download it here at MediaFire for free:  Success Chart

Enjoy!  And chart those successes!


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  1. Thank you for making and posting this chart! I printed it out and hung it on my bulletin board.


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