Confession Tuesday: New Year's Edition

Dear Reader,

It's been a new year since we've last connected.  It's been a new year, a lot of chocolate, a week in my pajamas since we last spoke.

I could go on like this for hours.  It's almost the second day of 2013, so let's move forward--

To the confessional--

I confess I like doing nothing. Not answering the phone.  Watching Glee reruns.  Not getting out of bed.  Not leaving the house.  It kind of scares me and yet makes me feel thankful for not having any place to be.

I confess that today, I showered and dressed and went out onto Puget Sound (that large body of water between Seattle and rural Washington) on a surfboard.  It was beautiful. I saw killdeer, a kingfisher, a blue heron, and a harbor seal, who I learned was named "Andre." (Yes, that's a bit weird.)

I confess I love doing nothing.  And I know the more nothing I do, the less I want to do.  Bodies and humans are funny this way, bodies in motion stay in motion.  Bodies at rest, stay in their pajamas.

I confess my house is a mess, but I'm not cleaning it up until Christmas break is over.  This is because I know that "winter break" is a synonym for "no one is putting anything away."

I confess I have a future goal of living on in a waterfront home. I don't care if I own or rent it, I just want to be there.  Give me my own patron. Let me be independently wealthy.  Or just let it all work out.  I don't need much, but I love the sea more than I realized and I want it to be my neighbor.

I confess I hope of doing a brainstorm of all my resolutions, but for today, this is what you get.

Happy New Year!


~ Kells

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  1. Look at you! Standing on a surfboard
    and smiling! May all the days of 2013 be clear sailing~ err, paddling.

    Yes, I believe in PJs.

    Love, ox.


  2. I love doing nothing. I love doing nothing after eating chocolate. That's a good day in my book.

    Happy New Year, and thank you so much for the card! XO

    See you in March at AWP, I hope.


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