Monday, October 29, 2012

A Good Day as a Writer

I'm having one of those incredible days when I want nothing to do with TV news, with celebrity craziness, but instead I am in my mind about what an amazing world we live in.

I want to create.

I want to write and say something that hasn't been said before.

I know, who can do that?  We've said so much.  But I love it when I'm in this place of creation.  Of just being in the flow of art.

This doesn't happen often.

Most of the time, I'm an anxious poet hoping this all works out.

But then there are these moments when I can let go. Be in the middle of creating something new.

I want you to be there too.
But it doesn't always happen.

Mostly our lives are the suck and grind of things we really don't want to do.

Sometimes our souls know better.  Though it's hard to hear them in the buzz of everything else.
Once I said "the buzz of money."  There's so much static it's hard to remember why we are here.  It's hard to remember we have work to do, art to make.

Even if it seems no one is paying attention, we need to listen to that voice inside.

It's not about money or success, it's about creating.
And knowing this will all work out.

~ Kells

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  1. :) embrace the moment! Oh wait, You just did!

  2. I want to create a WA state that is free of coal trains belching coal dust. Come to the hearings, all poets use your poet power to deconstruct clean coal and tell the true names of these coal jobs, like
    "a childhood asthma job". Sometimes ya gotta fight.


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