What Are You Thankful For?

I've had a lot going on these past two months and while I am holding my stress in my shoulderblades, I'm happy.

Here are some things I am thankful for--

1)  People who smile and say, "Good morning."

2)  Big dogs.

3)  Being able to take a hot shower every single day. (I'm still amazed that I can turn a knob and get hot water.  It's kind of fantastic.)

4)  Total Raisin Bran for breakfast.

5)  The luxury of buying a full bag of Ghirardelli chocolate chips just to snack on.

6)  All the things that I can do online that I used to have to drive to do.

7)  Taking on too much. - It makes me prioritize my writing and what's important because there's less time to slack off.

8)  Foghorns and trains.

9)  Family, friends, and pets-- all those heartbeats that matter.


  1. Thanks for this! When everything seems stressful, it's easy to forget the small things that make life great. I especially love number 7. When I take on too much, I really have to figure out what is important. It's hard to do, but you really learn what's worth it.


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